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What We Do

SIST is a recently formed Joint Venture between Stanfield Systems Inc. and Infinite Technologies Inc. whose values synchronize and center upon a single, all important concept. A concept that is focused on both companies rich histories of superior value for uncompromised results.

Stanfield Systems Inc. (founded in January 2000) has a long and valued history working with a client base that spans across local, State and Federal markets. Our core competencies are software development, comprehensive information technology project solutions, and providing technical resources in support of projects. We develop and implement solutions tailored to the customer's culture and business process.

Infinite Technologies Inc. (founded in September 1994) is a provider of high-level strategic and advanced technical services that assist government and corporate entities in managing their technology needs. We now employ a large staff of highly trained specialists in fields including: software development, help desk support, network administration, database administration, and systems engineering.

A Few Words About Us

Mission Statement:

SIST seeks to provide “value added” services and support without compromise to quality, cost or schedule by experienced and dedicated veterans from industry and military services.

"Efficient in Peace, Effective in War”
is more than a slogan, it’s a promise.


SIST is a joint venture between Stanfield Systems Inc. and Infinite Technologies Inc. Both companies realized synergies in regards to dedication, commitment, and value. In today’s Defense Contractor industry, too many news stories arise reporting fraud, waste, and abuse by contractors concerned with bottom line as opposed to delivering quality products/solutions at a fair price. Leadership from both Stanfield Systems and Infinite Technologies agree that such policies are unacceptable and out of the question relative to our business practices. By joining forces, SSI and ITI, form a complete solution with qualities that rival larger entities and corporations without sacrificing overhead costs. Being lean, able to leverage the right skills at the right time are the cornerstone of SI Systems Technologies existence.

We are owned and managed by an experienced and knowledgeable team of Air Force and Army Veterans, as well as former DoD Civil Servants and experts from Industry with tenured expertise.

Experienced Personnel in Performing Classified and Non Classified Contracts: In-House FSO

Our Values:

Simply put, effectively manage overhead costs via “Lean Leveraging™” by means of applying the right skills at the right time to ensure quality results at a superior value for our clients. This provides us the flexibility to support the dynamic needs of our clients in a changing environment.

SI Systems Technologies welcomes inquiries about SIST, SIST’s NETCENTS 2 program efforts, or any other questions you may have.

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